While catching up on my news feed early this morning, I came across a really slick browser plugin developed by Jens L. that enables a "Dark" theme for the vSphere HTML5 Client (h5client). If you use either Chrome or Firefox, simply visit Bery's Github site here to get a link to the plugin.

Once the plugin has been enabled, simply login to your vSphere H5 Client, this works using vSphere 6.5 or latest 6.7 and you should see the UI automatically render using the Dark theme without any modifications to your vCenter Server. I know the Clarity team is working on an out-of-the-box Dark Theme for the H5 Client, but until then, this is an excellent workaround. I definitely appreciate this as someone who does work either super late at night or super early in the morning and although I use things like Flux to reduce the brightness of the screen, having a proper dark theme also helps. Thanks for the awesome project Bery!

Here is a screenshot of my vSphere 6.5 environment, which I was able to make use of new theme morning 🙂

If you have any feedback or comments, feel free to post an issue on Bery's github project.

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