For those that have been asking about how to customize the vSphere Client Login UI to include this fun little animated login screen as shown below, you can find the complete instructions on my github repo:

I wanted to take a moment and give thanks and credit to the original author (Darin S) who created the animated login, which he referred to as an "Animated SVG Avatar". I remember seeing this on my Twitter stream a few months back where it was shared on, which is a platform for web developers to easily show off their demos. From what I could gather, the original demo had used MorphSVGPlugin.min.js which is a Javascript library that provided the animation. Apparently, the use of this library required a membership which prevented anyone from consuming this outside of for demo purposes. While searching online, I accidentally stumbled across another similiar project by Balram Chavan who developed an alternative solution simply using Angular 5. With Balram's solution, I was able to make the necessary minor modifications (thanks to Jeeyun from the Clairty team on helping me with some of my Anuglar questions) to get this fully incorporated into the vSphere Client UI. I am sure there are other improvements that can be made to the customization such as a more "clarity" look/feel as the old the old "blue marge" theme background is pretty dated but I will leave that to someone more creative than me 🙂

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